Saturday, February 3, 2018

classroom valentines day cards for grown ups #1

I sincerely miss elementary school Valentine's Day parties.  I mean, who doesn't miss a good arts and crafts project in the form of decorating a shoe box, or forced exchanges of tiny pieces of candy taped to paper greetings under a great deal of duress?

What's perhaps most memorable to me is just that: the recipient/message match up.  You couldn't give the BFF card to just ANYONE, nor could you the card with extra hearts go to anyone gross. And if any of the cards actually said "love" or "crush", straight into the trash they went. (Or they were "accidentally" ruined beyond repair...)  I'm pretty sure my mom always graciously bought two boxes of 24 just so I could make such painstaking decisions. (Thanks, mom.)

Anyway, I think we should bring these cards back in adulthood.  Thus begins my series leading up to the 14th: classroom Valentine's Day cards for grown ups.

Your first card goes to that coworker who hates the same things you do at work:

...candy not included.

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