Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top Posts of 2017

It's nearly the end of 2017, which means it's time for my year in review!  Below I go into a wee bit more detail about the back stories to this year's most popular posts.  It's the rare time wherein I type more than I doodle, and as a bonus to, well, me, I get to be super self-indulgent.  Shall we?

This one is pretty self-explanatory and self-contained.  My cats crush my heart with their cuteness every. single. day. 

...and if you didn't know I was a raging cat lady, what are you, new around here?
(Yes, those are my cats on a Garfield blanket.  Deal with it.)
 ...but to be clear, I'm pretty into cute animals in general.  Check me out with my favorite marine mammal:
I told you this was going to be self-indulgent.
Anyway, yes, I am one of those people who squeals at the sight of most animals.  Even geriatric dogs are still "puppy" to me.  Are you familiar with the person at the party who drinks too much, finds the pets, and talks to them more than the people?  That's me in a nutshell.  If you are this way too, please see #2 below. 

This was an idea that I had back-burnered for quite some time, and only recently came around to drawing.  Why is this game such a universal?  Like, literally, kids around the world play it.   Is it just because jumping on furniture is super fun?  Also, do children in places with actual volcanoes play this?  I'm asking seriously. 

To be clear, I'm in no way opposed to peaceful, thoughtful protest.  I think it absolutely has its place in society-we have our issues and it's important to make them known.  

My problem is how hyper-polarized things are politically these days.  I think its's a huge obstacle.  This obsession with "my team vs. your team" and all-or-nothing politics isn't healthy.  Most big issues (and little ones, for that matter) require a nuanced look.  We can't just reduce everything to a flashy marketing line.  My hope is that we can sit down calmly and really listen to each other, because I do think we have more common ground than we realize.  We're not going to get anything positive or productive done until we re-humanize each other.

I have the annoying personality combination of being both a person with a lot of ambition who also gets bored really easily, which has led me to working on a post-bacc in biology.  I'm nearly finished with it, which is both exciting and terrifying as I am not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it at this point.  (I'm sure the final decision will be exciting for all involved-front runners are scientific illustration and medical school.  I know.  Roll your eyes at me.  Whatever.  I roll them at myself on a daily basis, so it's nothing I can't take.)

Anyway, a necessary evil of the post-bacc is completing organic chemistry.  It definitely hasn't been my favorite, but it also hasn't been the dreaded three-headed demon it is generally built up to be.  It mostly means weeknights studying and not watching entire Netflix series in one sitting.  (You know, just two or three episode binges between chapters instead.)  I don't wish memorizing reactions on anyone, but I don't think we're helping each other out by talking about it like it's some sort of insurmountable challenge.  It's not.  

It did, however, lead to me missing my first Saturday post in about 5 years.  Sorry guys-my final exam studying took precedent.  I'll try to plan ahead more this coming year.  Your patience and support are appreciated!

The short version: I'm incapable of taking most anything too seriously, apparently.  For the most part, it's a great coping mechanism, although it does tend to really annoy/alienate the serious types.

The long version: I'm trying to beef up my portfolio with the hope of applying to a medical art program this spring.  Drawing classes have really helped.  I'm still not sure "serious" art is the way to go for me, but I'm interested enough to keep the option open.  (See above comments on post-bacc plans.)  Stay tuned!

The final quarter of general chemistry this past spring was...a challenge, largely due to my personal favorite form of self-sabotage: not trying too hard if I don't have to.  It...caught up to me.  Add to it a couple of major grant applications at work, and I was feeling like my pinniped pal above.  The good news is, I learned my lesson about *actually* being a good student (you know, studying and stuff).  I was even spared by metaphorical jaws.  I'll take it.

As a bonus, chemistry is actually really cool, especially if you're into understanding things like how electricity works, what's going on inside your MRI machine, how food cooks, why things are different colors, and you know, like, how the universe works and everything.  I recommend it if you have the time.
Post-college, I've moved no fewer than 4 times.  Making friends as an adult has proven to be really difficult for me.  At my current location I've had the most luck at making friends, largely due to coercing those most similar to my age into talking with me at work and having tolerant lab partners that put up with my caffeine and sugar-fueled manic behavior during Saturday morning class.  (Shout out to my fellow 30-somethings back in school and working full time).   Anyway, I do think it would be rad if we could just be friends when we meet new, nice people instead of feeling like we're somehow relegated to, like, a dating situation with friends.  ("Hey, my friend's having a party, want to go?"  "Let's get coffee sometime!")  I mean, I'm sure being on ok cupid is every bit as insufferable (if not more), but can we just drop some of the pretense?

This one was my favorite post this year, which is cool, because it was the internet's favorite as well.  I got to be snarky, AND as a bonus, I didn't have to color anything in, because, coloring book.  And just to be clear, this was every bit directed at myself as anyone else.  I don't always adult well, which I'm sure is no shock coming from the grown woman who draws dinosaur cartoons on a weekly basis.

And there you have it!  A few hours late to my usual Saturday posting, but it's still all there and all sincere.  Thank you, lovely, wonderful, supportive readers for your patronage.  I hope in some small way I've brought a smile to your faces over the past year.  Given all that is on my plate in 2018, I can't guarantee that I'll be here every single week, but I'll do my very best.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your patience and support.

To 2018!

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