Saturday, November 7, 2015

'Tis the Season: the Anti-Hallmark Pt. 3

Well, Halloween has passed, and hopefully your sugar/other substance hangovers have subsided.  It's November, which means the holidays are upon us, and soon it will be greeting card time.   While there are people who truly are living the stock photo ideal, I thought it would be a good idea to have honest greeting cards for those who aren't quite there yet.

I bring you:
honest holiday cards for terrible people!

Having a rough year?  Santa understands.  Hopefully your friends will, too:

Do you have a friend who just isn't into the holiday spirit, but you want to be sure to include them?
Here you go:
This is great unless your friend hates penguins, in which case, they probably shouldn't be your friend anymore.

Finally, do you have a friend who you're pretty sure celebrates Hanukkah?
Here's their card. As long as they spell it, "Hanukkah".   If they spell it "Chanukah" or "Hannukah", you're on your own. 

Happy Holidays!

(all of the above are available in my etsy shop.)

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