Friday, May 22, 2015

Stay the Full (antibiotic) Course, Please!

First and foremost: antibiotics are neato! 
Most of us are pretty familiar with antibiotics.
If you want a brief (yet still long...) history of their awesomeness, I recommend clicking here.

One of the most common antibiotics is penicillin:
Penicillin (and other antibiotics) are awesome drugs that fight off bacterial infections.
...but a problem we're facing today is that some antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.

There are several causes of antibiotic resistance, but two significant causes of antibiotic resistance are over prescription and improper use,
Like this:

...or this:
...because when you unnecessarily take antibiotics or fail to stay on a full course of medicine, this happens:
...and bacteria that aren't fully killed off can morph and become antibiotic resistant.
...which has contributed to the rise of unpleasant and scary things like superbugs.

 So please, do your part in preserving the neato-ness that are antibiotics.

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