Friday, February 27, 2015

Can We Talk about This? The Selfie Stick Edition.

I need to talk about this. Or I guess, these things. 
Selfie sticks.  I don't know if they have a more sophisticated name, (j/k: yes I do, see below) but if you've seen one, you know what I'm talking about--telescoping poles that you can use to take a wide-view selfie.
...because, you know, arms are so passe and you *CAN'T* just...ask take a picture for you.
They range in price from...$ what I can only imagine is the Cadillac model of selfie stick for a whopping $113.00.  No, for real.  I guess at that price range, they cease to be "selfie sticks" and instead become "handheld monopods", complete with bluetooth shutter buttons and a bunch of other features that I'm too lazy to research.

Are we really to this point of vanity?  Not just of taking pictures of ourselves, but of investing in/lugging around a dumb, telescoping piece of plastic/metal in order to secure a *more perfect* picture of...ourselves?
Quite truthfully,  I think there's something honest and charming about a selfie with arms showing.
I know this makes me painfully un-hip, but I've known that about myself for quite some time.  
That being said, there is ONE being I for whom would support usage of this gadget.
And if you haven't already figured it out...'s Rex.
...and only rex.

In sum,

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