Friday, November 14, 2014

Sky Mall in Real Life!

Whenever I travel by plane,  my first move is to order a cocktail.
My second order of business is to open up the glorious font of ridiculousness, my buddy SkyMall.
It's always good for a laugh, and honestly, I enjoy feeling smug while mentally judging ANYONE who would actually spend $2,250.00 on a life sized yeti lawn ornament.  

I thought that I would never *actually* consider buying anything in Sky Mall, or anything that could possibly appear in Sky Mall.

But then I got married.  And with marriage, comes a crap-ton of gift cards.
...which is mega awesome.  I have some really generous family and friends.
But betwixt the target and lowe's gift cards, there were some from another locale:
And I was forced to enter here for the first time in years:
You guys. Bed Bath and Beyond is just Sky Mall in real life. 

And the problem is this: with Sky Mall, you can just laugh and point at pictures...but in Bed Bath and Beyond...those ridiculous items are RIGHT THERE in front of you...and suddenly, all self control and smug judgement of Sky Mall patrons are gone.

Allow me to illustrate--this:
("Stupid lawn yeti!  Who needs an "I'm Bob" t-shirt!")
Plus this:
("Well,'s right here in front of me...")
Equals this:
...and therefore, this: 
...and yes, all of those items above are real.
...and no, I don't own any of them...YET.
...but I may or may not really want the antisocial travel pillow.

...and the everything.

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