Friday, November 21, 2014

Grammar is Neato #2: Adventures in Overcorrection!


Allow me to demonstrate.  We could go into a long discussion about subject and object pronouns, but this is the internet and we like quick solutions. Look at these sentences:
Notice how when we add the other person (he) we don't change the "I".
Now look at this sentence.  It works in the exact same way!  Adding another person to "me" doesn't mean we have to change the "me"!
 It's a common overcorrection.  If you're ever uncertain about whether you need to say "Bronto and I" or "Bronto and me", just eliminate the other person and think about how you would say the sentence with just "I" or "me".
And so, all I have left to say is, thanks for hosting Bronto and me.  Well, that and...

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