Friday, November 7, 2014

Grammar is Neato #1

So, I have to preface this by acknowledging that English grammar can be crazy.  Also, I am not perfect, neither in grammar nor in life.  But I think if we all took two minutes to review some basic grammar, the world would be a little less stupid.  Or at least it would read as such.

Today's topic:
Hopefully, you saw two different words (three, really) in the above picture, because:
All too often I see the top word used as though it is interchangeable with the bottom two.  It isn't. 
Beyond the issue of the space in the bottom example, the meaning is different, too: 
 For example:
 (ie, I want to be away from you.)
Compare that to this:
For example:
(ie, I want to be with you, this group, concept, etc.)
So if you're not careful, you may inadvertently be saying the opposite of what you intend to say. 
Auto correct is likely to blame for most errors of this sort...but you're smart and can fix your phone's mistakes, right?  Right. 

Carry on with good grammar!

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