Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Awful Hotel Art Revisited #7: A Lil' Caffeine for your Morning:

A close friend of crappy hotel art is crappy cafe art.
Coffee shops in particular have their own special breed of...coffee...art?
Don't get me wrong; I pay my respects to the roasted bean gods most mornings...I just don't find it particularly exciting as an art object. 
Especially if you're just going to dust that foam and cinnamon...give me foam art or give me death. 
I think what really bothers me is that this picture lacks any sort of emotion ...much less the grand anticipation most of us feel before that first cup.
Beige and boring isn't how I feel around espresso drinks. 

No...it's something a little more...
...giddy and googly-eyed to the very last drop.

May all of your coffee (and art) be served with a strong side of excitement!

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