Friday, October 24, 2014

Odobenus Rosmarus

My original intent was to write an informative blog post regarding a problem facing a most delightful member of the pinniped family, the walrus.
Not only are they huge, gregarious, and oddly cute, these guys are kind of awesome.  Those tusks?  Overgrown canines that they use to pull themselves out of the water.  And fight.  Want to go for a swim?  Many of them migrate for over 1,000 miles, swimming and floating on ice sheets around the arctic region.  Mamas out there: want to feel better about your birthing experience?  The gestation period for a walrus is about 15 months, and they give birth to a 99-165 pound calf.  That name, Walrus?  Derived from the Danish "hvalros" which more or less translates to "sea cow".

But writing about them is a little sad, since climate change and whatnot has caused the ice sheets they normally inhabit to shrink smaller and smaller.
Due to the changes in their habitats, more and more of them are appearing on land in enormous groups, which is particularly dangerous for their young, as they risk being trampled.
You can read more about it here and here.

Frankly, writing about it is depressing and I've honestly lost a bit of steam this week. So, to compensate for my laziness/sad story, here's a poorly photoshopped walrus in a party hat.
So..even if you weren't educated, hopefully you were a bit entertained.  Good?  Good.

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