Friday, January 17, 2014

Joy Vampire

Happiness is a wonderful thing. 

Unfortunately, there are those among us who seem to take
pleasure in sucking the happiness out of the day.  
 I like to think of these people as joy vampires.

Surely you know one--
perhaps they are someone like this:

or this: 

or my personal "favorite", this:

Calling these people "difficult" is putting it gently.

...but I think I've found a solution.
Unlike regular vampires, joy vampires don't respond to the usual remedies.
Garlic doesn't cut it, sunlight doesn't cut it, and wooden stakes are just plain impractical.

But mirrors--those are effective:
"You, sir/madame, look like a jerk!"

"...oh..."'s not always pretty, but it usually works.

...and someday, maybe--just maybe--you'll be able to have one of these:
...and a pretty badass cape to boot.

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