Friday, January 24, 2014

Apostrophe + S = Love...Sometimes.

Quick and dirty post:

Meet apostrophe.  Apostrophe has many uses, especially with S. 
...but unfortunately, sometimes my buddy apostrophe is overused.
Apostrophe comes in handy when you want to make contractions.
For example: can also use apostrophe + s to show possession for singular nouns:
...and you can also use apostrophe + s for plural nouns that don't end in s:
...when you have a plural noun that ends in s, just pop lil' apostrophe after the s:
You don't need an apostrophe with a plural noun that isn't showing possession:
...or with possessive pronouns:
...that includes our buddy "its" when acting as a possessive pronoun:
Simple, yes?  Awesome.
The more you know...
...the less often you will overwork lil' apostrophe.


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