Friday, October 4, 2013

Fact Check!

I hate to say it, but these seem to be popping up around the old book of faces again:

The message seems to be if you write your opinion on a piece of paper and take your picture with it, it makes you this:

Especially if you do this, and the post it on facebook:

And so we're left with far too many of these circulating:

They are almost as frustrating as these:

The act of expressing an opinion is great, but let's keep some perspective; people who spew out opinions on the internet don't have to cite any sources or actually consult any authority.  I acknowledge that it's very possible that  an informative-magic-marker-on-paper picture has accurate information--just remember that anyone--ANYONE can put anything on the internet--and it's very possible that their "information" or "quote" has been utterly fabricated. 

I LOVE the internet.  LOVE.  It's an amazing achievement of intellect and is the ultimate democracy, in my opinion.  The problem is, this democracy is equally composed of bad people spreading misinformation, trolls, and idiots as it is intelligent, good people trying to disseminate information.

So, you know, read...then fact-check using a legitimate research page. 

Why?  Because this:

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