Friday, August 16, 2013

My Addiction

Some people get hooked on normal things: cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, cocaine...


I'm hooked on tortilla chips.
Not queso, not chips and salsa, just plain tortilla chips. 

And I'm not even in love with, like, quality tortilla chips.  I love crappy tortilla chips. The kind that come in a big yellow bag with a price tag of "$2 ONLY!".  You know which ones I'm talking about-the tortilla chips that sit proudly on the bottom shelf of the snack food aisle.  Most people outgrow them with a higher income tax bracket. 
I haven't. At one point my regular checkout lady at the grocery store gave me a look and told me I should really be getting better chips.  I'm not even kidding.

I love these chips so much I made two drawings to represent how I love and eat them.  At first I drew this:
...but quickly decided the above picture wasn't accurate. Too much dignity...and sanity.


Try two:
Yep.  That looks about right.

I probably should think about getting help.  Probably.

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