Friday, December 7, 2012

Notes from a Jaded Northerner Living in the South

Having grown up in Iowa (where there are actually things like *snow* and *sub-zero temperatures*) I can't help but feel annoyed when I overhear denizens of the South make remarks like this on days I would consider spring-like:

I would love to rebut, but often times I decide it isn't worth it.  Sometimes, though, my irritation gets the best of me:

...and this is probably why I don't have many friends here.  

Which is unfortunate given the fact that I've met and befriended some truly lovely people in the peach state. 

I suppose that maybe, maybe I can try to be less critical of local assertions of what is or isn't "winter".  I promise to do my best as long as "y'all" can agree to quit blessing hearts.  



  1. I only bless the hearts that truly truly need it. Your heart, I'm certain, can take care of itself;)

  2. Fair enough. I can compromise on that one, I suppose. ;)