Friday, October 19, 2012

If Facebook Were Honest:

Let's be honest: facebook is life photoshopped.

When online, I've found that quite a few people leave out all of the less-than-great things going on in their day-to-day existence.  Alternately, others seem to enjoy highlighting all of their "drama" (read: bad decisions).  My favorites, though, are the special few that specialize in presenting a bizarre combination of both "mylifeisawesomerthanyours" and"omglookatallthehaterzmylifesucks".

However, the "rose-tinted glasses wearers" seems to be the largest group. Which I guess, given the alternatives, is pretty great.  I appreciate your positivity...until it crosses the line into delusional.

Because of the aforementioned, I'm wise enough to know at this point that this:

(click on picture to expand)

...actually means this:
(click on picture to expand)

Don't get me wrong; I'm truly happy for my friends/acquaintances/internet pals and their successes; it's just that I have a hard time believing that ALL of you are tap dancing with space unicorns 24/7 while I'm at home with my cat.


But to those of you who are...

...can I cut in? Because that looks awesome.

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