Friday, March 2, 2012

My First Apartment

There are times that I realize I'm actually an adult now.  Usually that involves the replacement of collapse-able/plastic/inflatable furniture with something more substantial.  (Thanks, IKEA!)  
well, maybe we can keep the beanbag chair...

Sometimes I need to remind myself of how far I've come by looking back on how low I've been.  

I've lived in a lot of different places.  In the 9 years between high school graduation and the present, I've lived in over 10 different housing situations.  Consequently, statistics would suggest (and my reality proves) that I've lived in some fairly weird and questionable places.  For example, there was a 6-week stay in a 2 bedroom apartment in southern California that at one time had no fewer than 7 people crammed in it, during which time I subsided on cup of noodle and lofthouse cookies. (Hey, I was 18 and stupid.  Don't judge me too much. Please?)

There was also a disgusting hostel I spent a month in in Buenos Aires which included some of the nastiest black mold I've ever seen and had the CREEPIEST owner who liked to get drunk with people decades his junior and smoke pot in the courtyard.  Also, I'm pretty sure he was hooking up with residents of the hostel that were definitely not his wife.  Also, acting 18 when you're at least 35 is lame people.  STOP.  Just...stop.

However, one of the most memorable and one of my first real independent living arrangements was an apartment I subleased in Iowa City for the summer of 2006. 

My roommates were positively awesome.  

My room was...ridiculously terrible.

I am being 100% accurate, BTW. no hyperbole here. my room really did suck this much.

Some highlights of the apartment included:

Hanging Wires: The smoke detector went off at 4 in the morning one night due to a low battery. In our sleepless brilliance, we noted that it was wired to the sprinkler system, so one of my roommates cleverly detached it and threw it into the trunk of her car, as though this would somehow magically prevent water from raining on the entire apartment.  Also, storing it in her car was 100% necessary.  I still don't know what we were thinking. 

A "desk": The girl who had rented the room before me apparently was the thrifty type, so she had constructed a desk out of a door and cinder blocks.  She graciously left it behind so that I could have a desk.  The one issue, though, was that the door wasn't attached in any way to the cinder blocks, which meant I usually came terrifyingly close to flipping the entire thing over on a daily basis. 

Budget plant life: In a weak attempt to personalize my room on my non-existent budget, I purchased a (yes a) bamboo shoot from wal-mart and sat it in my window.  I think it actually made things look sadder than they already were.

Confusion: One of the original roommates shared my name (a rarity) so I had the pleasure of being referred to as "B2" for the duration of the summer.   

Honestly, though, it was one of the best summers I ever had with some of the coolest ladies you could ever hope for.  5 girls in one apartment rarely works out without cattiness or broken bottles, but this arrangement just worked. I really miss it sometimes. 

...but I'm ok with not sleeping on the floor anymore.
...or having to scrape together loose change to buy donuts for lunch at the gas station.
...or being in Russian classes with crazy people...but that's a different story for another day.

see how I built suspense there?  see? eh? eh? ...meh?.