Friday, July 23, 2010

Let's Try This Again.

Despite my normal distaste for all things south of the Mason-Dixon, I recently moved to Atlanta. While most of the people have been lovely and my affinity for peaches and pecans (which I refuse to pronounce any other way than 'puh-kawn') have helped me to adjust, the weather, on the other hand, has not been quite as agreeable. The nickname of 'hotlanta' is no joke. I don't think that the daytime temperature has dropped below 90* for some time. I'm a little over it, to be honest. But at least it's a great excuse to say hello to my favorite dairy friend, mr. ice cream...

Hopefully you can tell the the picture quality has gone up. I invested in photoshop elements (because full on photoshop would be just a bit too classy* for the likes of this ms painter) and have enjoyed a wider range of "painting" freedom.

*read: expensive. :^/

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